Saturday, January 20, 2007


Today is cold - crazy, wicked, have to think about the wind chill, cold.
My cold is nearly gone.
Chuck is getting a cold.

we live in New England because we love having four seasons.
We just haven’t figured out how to love every aspect of all four seasons!

So today we are staying in, watching shows we’ve saved on the DVR, while we listen to the wind howl outside. As long as we can pull up another wool throw and our two cats curl up on our laps, we’ll be fine!

Stay warm and be well...

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Roo said...

Hi Lee - now you know what it is like to live in Old England too! It's cold and windy here as well.

Thanks for dropping in and leaving a comment, I'm glad you like the idea of veg boxes, they almost force you to eat better as usually they are organic, the fruit and veg are seasonal, so no strawberries in December, and the carbon footprint is minimal.

I'm determined to have a go and see how much we eat/waste. It will have to wait until March though as we are away to Tahoe to ski soon.

Hope you drop by again