Thursday, January 11, 2007

That's Not Manny In Left Field

O.K. This is out of left field. Maybe it was the fever I had yesterday. Maybe I’m getting cabin fever from being sick for the last week. But last night I got to wondering - whatever happened to Justin Guarini??? You remember him. The guy from the first season of American Idol (2002), who was the runner-up to Kelly Clarkson. I remember he came out with an album after he had been on Idol and I’d seen him on a few television appearances. He had seemed so at ease, talented and charming during Idol, but post runner-up status he seemed uncomfortable and musically miscast. Then there was the ill fated movie.... ‘nuff said! So Chuck & I searched for him (and found him naturally) on Wikipedia.

Turns out Justin Guarini’s keeping busy. Apparently he got a bit of a raw deal because of contracts with Idol - which later runners-up have not been limited by. So with all of that water under the bridge, he’s found an interesting musical niche for himself. It’s a very jazzy/soul/cabaret style, which we agree with one review, does remind us of Al Jarreau. This style feels like a natural fit for him. You can listen to a couple of samples off his self produced CD by going to his website. Click on “Music” and listen to any cuts with musical notes next to them. :: Enjoy!

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Tonya said...

i read a little of your blog this morning. i bookmarked and will be back. very interesting. very well written. when i get more time i link to ya on my blog.