Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A Little Balance

Sometimes the news which flows into our home via television, radio, newspapers and the internet is so overwhelmingly disturbing, frustrating and depressing, that I start to hunger for “good news stories”. Occasionally the journalistic world provides those moments where I am brought to tears by examples of the kindness of a stranger to someone in need or groups of people mobilizing for a good cause. But those instances are often too few and far between to help offset the relentless stream of sadness and insanity which seems to abound in the world. It’s easy to start feeling down in the dumps. Sometimes we shut it all off, put on some music and turn it up loud. Sometimes we shut it all off, and fall into book where the author has kindly made it so everything works out in the end. The bad guys get punished, the heroes and or heroines are rewarded. We even get to glimpse the beginning of their happily resolved new life as we close the cover of the book. Happy sighs all around.

But lately I have discovered that there is an even more accessible source of proof of the basic goodness of human beings. I have found wide-ranging examples of intelligent people caring about not only their families and local communities, but about far flung strangers as well. Where? The Blogosphere. In the last few months I have followed a series of links to blogs all around the world and discovered folks creating beautiful art objects, cooking delicious dishes, talking about things that matter to all humans and sharing photos of the views out their windows. It has left me renewed. Sure I’ve stumbled into some blogs that remind me of bad television reality shows or the worst of the highly charged, vitriolic political sniping, but all I have to do is move on. Wow.

One click of a button and I am anywhere in the world. The world grows smaller and warmer. I come away from my blog visits around the globe feeling inspired and energized. The news still flows in. It remains what it is. We still sign petitions and call our legislators. The Blogosphere is not an opiate befuddling our brain. The Blogosphere is a community, a balm. It helps restore balance and perspective in our lives. I am surprised, delighted and grateful.

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and thanks for your visit and nice comment in my blog! I can agree about that "one click of the button......" all these creative, and nice people around our world who share their photos and ideas!