Tuesday, January 23, 2007

"Pitchers and Catchers Report in Three Weeks"

Living here, in the heart of Red Sox Nation, we had gotten used to losing. 1918 was a year more frequently spoken than anyone's year of their own birth! But then came the 2004 World Series Championship and our crazy mixed up combination of eternal optimism and permanent underdog status was shaken. But after two subsequent years without additional glittering wins, rings and Duck Boat Parades, we’re getting back to our old ways. Only now we say 1918 and 2004 in the same breath!

With all that in mind, it’s no surprise that after the nail-biting, frustrating, ever so close New England Patriots loss to the Colts Sunday night, we moaned in unison, threw our remaining snacks at the T.V.s and turned our thoughts to Red Sox spring training. Hence, the title of this post, contributed by, nay, insisted upon, by my niece Kate! She expressed her clear distress, dare we say anger and mourning, in a comment she left on my Sunday night “Two Books” post. Which, in light of the stunning success of the Patriots over the last half dozen years, may seem kinda nuts. But not here in Red Sox Nation, where our loyalties are fierce, our focus on sports unrelenting and collective depression just a single loss away at any given moment!

The last crumbs of the red, white and blue football shaped cakes have been eaten. The water cooler venting and monday morning quarterbacking is behind us. Now the Patriots fan paraphernalia can be taken down and our frenzied fan focus can be turned back towards the Red Sox. ‘Cuz truth be told, for some of us, even a Super Bowl winning Patriots season, just fills the time between one baseball season and the next!!!

:: Thanks Kate!


Anonymous said...

Here here!
Thanks for the post lol- Was I your first official "post demand/request"

Go Sox! Kate

Pink Granite said...

OMG Kate! You so were the first!!!
Thanks for the "inspiration"! :-)
Go Sox!
Auntie Lee