Friday, January 12, 2007

I Thought They Were Mythical...

But there it was, a unicorn atop the Massachusetts building at the Eastern States Exposition Fairgrounds, better known as “The Big E”. I’ve been there in January before. Never have I been there in a January such as this. In the 50’s today and no snow to be found anywhere. Chuck and I ventured out this afternoon in order for him to attend a woodworking show in one of the buildings on the fairgrounds in West Springfield, Massachusetts. I decided not to go inside the show for fear of spreading the residual germs I have and also of picking up any new critters to add to my already festive collection.

I brought along a couple of books, and a notebook as always. Also, ever since I started this blog, I try to remember to bring the digital camera as well. After a while I noticed the sky was starting to color up as sunset approached. So I walked around the grounds focusing on as many details as I could. It was wonderful. We are usually there for the big six-state fair that takes place every September. During that event it is sometimes difficult to thread your way through the throngs of people spilling out of venues and walking up and down the avenues. Those walkways, normally crowded with food stalls, all kinds of brightly colored fair souvenirs and lots of noisy people, were deserted today.

I’ve seen lots of creatures over the years at the Big E: cows, sheep, pigs, llamas, goats, alpacas, chickens... but never a unicorn. I thought they were mythical. This really is an unusual January!

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