Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Forever Meets Fidelity

It’s lovely to be treated well. To find oneself being treated with dignity, respect and a degree of enthusiasm is also a wonderful thing. When a financial institution treats you like a millionaire as they are looking at a computer screen which emphatically belies that idea, it is delightful! Fidelity Investments always makes me feel like a queen. They’re not crazy deferential or obsequious, just determinedly service oriented. We’ve had accounts with them for well more than a decade and a half. We have also worked with several other big investment companies during that same time period and eventually left the others. We are now happily settled in with Fidelity and our financial life is easier and more streamlined.

Our meeting with the Financial Planner at Fidelity yesterday went well. We decided to answer THE question about the date of our deaths as age 95. Not exactly the 115 and 100 I’ve been insisting on, but at least it’s fiscally conservative and feels far, far, far away! In addition to dealing with THE question, we hammered out a lot of information. We’re still in complete control of everything, but getting good advice and using Fidelity’s computer programs to get a sensible plan in place. No one can give any financial guarantees, but we like being able to tap the research and resources of Fidelity. And then there’s that great service, where when we dial an 800 number, we always get a genuine human being to answer a question.

So we did our homework, pulled all the numbers together and entered them into the Fidelity program. Then we had an hour and a half meeting with a knowledgeable young man, who thankfully had a sense of humor! We stayed calm and remembered to breathe. As a result we’ve come away feeling more confident about our financial future. And deep down I’m still dreaming of forever...

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barbie2be said...

forever? bring it on! yay, fidelity!