Monday, January 15, 2007


Here, in the hills of southern New England, we are dealing with freezing rain and ice today. Thankfully it is not as severe as what the folks in the midwest have been struggling with. At the moment, the roads are still pretty good, but anything off the ground and up in the air is enrobed in ice. We are worried about our neighbors to the north. We are also concerned about what any overnight dip in temperature will bring to us.

I took these photos this afternoon. The temperature was hovering just above freezing. The ice had been building up all day long. It’s so beautiful right now. But any heavier amounts of ice or snow or high winds could cause branches and trees to snap and bring power lines down.

For now, all is still and lovely.


Trish Ryan said...

Gorgeous pictures - thanks for reminding me that ice is more than just jammed up traffic here in greater Boston :)

Tonya said...

I hope all is well there. We know all too well about the damage ice can do around these parts and it takes years to recover once it happens.