Thursday, February 1, 2007


Regarding the guerrilla marketing campaign and the emergency response to the battery powered magnetic devices found in Boston Wednesday:
- Why didn’t the marketing company put an identifying label on the back of the gizmos?
- Why didn’t the marketing company, or their local contract employees, step up and contact the authorities right away, instead of keeping quiet?


Roo said...

There is a train of thought that says why didn't someone have the common sense to think - "goodness a bomb, as all bomb campaigns are started with a foot high cartoon character picked out in leds"

Granted they where put in some bizarre spots, but when I read the first article in the news here I imagined cigarette size packs with wires and a blinking light - not something you can stick in the window as part of your christmas display.

Hey ho - Still at least you know that the city has a response plan.

Roo said...

Sorry, I also should have mentioned that the people that did this should't be jailed or fined.

They should be stood at the front of the long queue of people whose lives where disrupted and be given a sharp slap for their troubles from each and every one of them. They'll think twice next time.

It's been a fraught day too, so it's bon nuit, I'm off for a beer! ;o) have a great weekend

Pink Granite said...

Hi Roo---
- We are ever so pleased that ALL the agencies - local, state and federal - worked so well together!
- Your sentencing recommendation is quite innovative!
- The reason I put the link in to the Boston Police, was because it gave a good picture of everything else that was going on simultaneous with the discovery of the goofy cartoon ads. Especially the unrelated pipe bomb at the hospital!
- Hope you had fun last night and have a great weekend!
All the best,
- Lee