Saturday, February 3, 2007

Just Enough

Just the right amount of snow fell. Just enough so that we had to dust off the shovel, in order to clear off the back walk. But not nearly so much that shoveling became an event! Today the sky was blue, the temperatures never got out of the twenties and it was sunny. A “pretty as a picture” winter day. Here are some photos I took today. The top one was taken in our dooryard of a milkweed pod with a snow toque. The next one, looking down our driveway, the tracks from our car still visible from last night. The bottom one, a rather tired stone wall which still manages to stake out our little corner of the world.
Hope your days have been lovely as well...

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Roo said...

Hey there - lovely pictures, I love the snow, it always makes me feel about ten again.

I think that I need a drive as long as yours! Which would mean moving out of town, but maybe in a few years time, I should start trying to convince Peter now ;o)

We (a gang of 5) are in Tahoe at the end of the month skiing, so the pictures of your snow is keeping me on the edge of my seat, as I can't wait to get there. We are staying over out Heavenly way, and I haven't ski'd that part of the resort before, so that's going to be fun too.

There are a few restaurants there too that I want to get re-aquainted with as well... It's going to be a busy two week break!