Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Isn’t She Beautiful?

She still is!
That’s my Mom - oh and me too - in about 1963! Mom went back to work for “Ma Bell” not long after we moved into this house in Warwick, Rhode Island. The photo was taken by the New England Telephone & Telegraph Company to introduce the new Princess phone (I still love those phones!) and that Bell Chime gizmo mounted in the alcove. We’re standing in our front hall with the wonderful little telephone niche built right in. I wonder if it’s still there? Up at the top of the photo are the chimes for the front door bell. We had that wallpaper until Mom and Dad redecorated the first floor a couple of years later. I was so fascinated by the process, that “interior decorator” was the first career I ever imagined becoming when I grew up.

I still dream about that house. It was a two story center stair colonial. The home Chuck and I live in now is an old farmhouse. But the center staircase and the main part of our first floor have enough in common with the home I moved into when I was four, that when I dream, the rooms morph between here and there. I lived there for 14 years until I went off to college in Vermont. Mom and Dad lived there for more than two decades. No matter how happy I am where we live now, I think that house, where I lived with my folks and my sisters Karen and Gail, will always feel like home. It will always be that “click your heels together” place my heart flies back to.

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Roo said...

Hey hey - I still feel the same about the house I grew up in. I still remember the apple and pear trees that grew in the garden, and wrapping the fruit in tissue with my father, then setting it down to store over winter.

Great times where had in that house ;o)