Thursday, February 8, 2007

Plan B

The last few days we’ve been getting a lot accomplished, but most of it wasn’t what we had planned to do! We were going to continue installing IKEA wall cabinets in Chuck’s workshop. But since the workshop is located in the barn and the temperatures have yet to get out of the 20s this week, it is just too wicked cold out there! So we moved on to projects indoors, with central heating. That meant rearranging some furniture upstairs in an effort to make the little bedroom into a workspace for me. For years, I’ve gotten involved in art, craft and sewing projects that have taken over our dining room. Soon I will have a dedicated space where I can simply shut the door on the mess or shut the door to keep two curious cats out of paint or wax or sewing pins!

We also thought we had a bit of a reprieve from the financial decisions we’ve been struggling with (and you’ve been reading all about). We asked our advisor at Fidelity to tweak things a little and figured it would take him a few days. Wrong! The same afternoon he sent us the changes. So we forced ourselves to buckle down and decide. We did and fingers crossed, we’ve made the right choices.

I was going to sign off and make a list of things I want to do tomorrow, but I have a feeling that would be a waste of time! I guess I’ll just wait and see what tomorrow brings...

P.S. Red Sox Pitchers & Catchers report for Spring Training next Friday! Yay!!!

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