Saturday, February 17, 2007

No, Not Plumber’s Crack!

As you know, winter is finally in full swing around here. After weeks of unusually mild weather, we’re faced with one inconvenience of bone dry air and central heating: dry skin. We’ve tried lots of products and have settled on one that works beautifully. The oddly named Zim’s Crack Creme isn’t at all greasy feeling and is absorbed into the skin almost immediately. It has a pleasant spicy scent, which dissipates quickly. Zim’s makes a couple of different versions of Crack Creme. They started out making a liquid version designed to help heal dry, cracked skin - hence the name. That original liquid is effective, but leaves an almost sticky feeling to the skin. The best and most versatile one is the “Creamy Daytime Formula”. It can be found in lots of pharmacies, on-line and even Wal Mart.
:: Hope it works for you!


Roo said...

That has a whole different meaning over here......

Pink Granite said...

Hmmmm.... Over here, “plumber’s crack” refers to when a plumber is working under the kitchen sink and his trousers have slid down such that the top of the great divide is revealed!
I dare not ask what it means over there!
- Lee