Monday, February 12, 2007

So They Loaded Up The Trucks and...

O.K. I admit I am irrationally excited! I’m not sure it will make sense to anyone outside of Red Sox Nation. But the Red Sox Baseball clubhouse staff loaded the equipment trucks at Fenway Park in Boston today and left for spring training in Fort Myers, Florida! The best fun fact: the family baby strollers went on the truck! We’re so crazed around here, that a behind the scenes clubhouse staff documentary was made and broadcast on NESN (the New England Sports Network). It was truly fascinating!

I’m a big Red Sox fan, but not the kind that knows every minute factoid. I can’t quote statistics, or entire team rosters for a given year. I take more of a family style approach to the team. Over the winter months I keep up with the big news, but I don’t hang on every hot stove rumor. I want to wait for things to shake out and see what’s what at spring training. Once everybody is at spring training it feels a bit like a family reunion. Who came back, who was traded away, who the heck are all these new guys? That’s when I really start to think like family not fan. I’m willing to welcome the newcomers, but I refuse to get excited until the ink is more than dry on the contracts and I’ve seen them perform on the field. Then of course I have to know what’s happening to the players that moved on to other teams. How’s Bronson? How’s Trot? Is Rickey Henderson still playing somewhere? What’s up with Brian Daubach these days? How’s Gabe “The Babe” Kapler doing as the new manager of the Greenville Drive? Gabe may not be in the outfield anymore, but thank heavens, he’s still part of the Red Sox Family!

Once the season starts in earnest, my interest is still personality driven. Which players have a positive attitude and seem to really understand they’re part of a team and a family? Which players bring 100% to their job? Which players are going to drive you crazy and live up to the moniker “The Cardiac Kids”, but are so damn good at what they do, you have to just accept the whole package? Which players are really hustling on the field and off the plate? (Please Manny, don’t stand there and watch the freakin’ ball and then start running. Put your head down and run!)

But I’m getting ahead of myself. The equipment trucks are on their way. Spring training is almost here. Who gives a rat’s behind if a blizzard is going to cream us on Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

Yankees Suck! Yankees Suck! Yankees Suck! Sorry. It's a gut reaction. I have no control over it. Its like baseball tourettes. KRL

Pink Granite said...

It's a long season KRL --- we've got to pace ourselves!!!
Remember to breathe...
- Auntie Lee

Roo said...

Don't we call this rounders... he he