Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Lucky Stars

It looks as if we have dodged the worst of this storm! The photo above was taken out our kitchen door, just past dusk. The shadows of the milkweed on the snow are from the spill of the barn light. So you can see we still have power! Yay! The center of the storm moved in closer to the coast which meant we received only 8 inches or so of a heavy, dense, granular snow. It feels a bit like trying to shovel frozen spilt sugar. Because the storm began here when the temperature was about nine above and it has not gotten warmer than the mid twenties, we shouldn’t be getting any of the freezing rain. At the height of the storm the winds were howling and the sideways sleet-snow mix sounded like mini hailstones against the windowpanes. While it is still very windy, the storm is moving rapidly out of southern New England and we are counting our lucky stars. Tomorrow promises lots of sun and shoveling!

We hope everyone is safe, warm, snug and enjoying a lovely Valentine’s evening!


Anonymous said...

Hello,, Pink granite, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog in re beets. I wish we had snow like that here... Funny weather changes lately, with global warming and all. From Brussels to MA, best wishes.

barbie2be said...

what a gorgeous photo!

so glad that you didn't get snowed in. have a great day!

Roo said...

Hey Lee, fab photo. Good to see you didn't have to resort to eating all the tinned food just yet! DDon't you find that there is always one tin without alabel, it could be chowder, peaches or dog food, always a challenge when doing a "blind stew"

Pink Granite said...

Thanks for all the good wishes!

We are happy to report: "No Blind Stew!!!"

- Lee