Tuesday, February 27, 2007

One Big and Some Little Bits

Dear Lovely Loyal Readers, I just got my very first sp*m c*mment. But since I’m up to over 90 posts over three months and this is the first sp*m, I’m keeping everything the way it is. I’m hoping it was just a random thing. Thanks for your willingness to type in all those squiggly letters!

It continues to snow around here. We’ve been getting just enough each day to need to shovel the back walk clear. The daily inch or so of fresh powder is serving to keep us in a winter wonderland, however belated.

Financial markets around the world, including the U.S., took a bit of a jolt today. We’re hoping it was just the “Financial Gods” way of pulling the cord on the train to slow the ride down some! We also are keeping our fingers crossed that our recent decisions will prove to have been the right ones! We’ve buckled up tight for another exciting ride tomorrow...

And the absolute best for last: We got some fantastic news. Our friend L was diagnosed with inoperable cancer last July. After undergoing chemotherapy followed by radiation, she is now cancer FREE!!! We are over the moon with relief and gratitude! YAY!!!

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barbie2be said...

Oh, Lee! I am so thrilled for your friend. I just lost a very dear friend to breast cancer in December.