Saturday, February 10, 2007

Radio Tip

I appreciate the programming on National Public Radio (NPR). They do an excellent job of providing local, national and international in-depth news. But they also have a lighter side. One program which blends the two sides is “Wait, Wait... Don’t Tell Me!”. It’s a panel of regulars and guests fielding questions about this week’s news. Most of the segments include a listener calling in to play along. Their only prize is to win Carl Kassel’s voice on their home answering machine! The show manages to find a funny and frequently absurd angle on the news. Of course, sometimes the politicians practically spoon feed the set ups for the jokes right to them! And it’s especially funny whenever comedienne Paula Poundstone is on. You’ll have to check your local NPR stations for when the show is broadcast in your area. But you can listen to them anytime at the ”Wait, Wait... Don’t Tell Me!” website. It’s also available as a podcast through iTunes.

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