Monday, February 5, 2007

A First

I’ve seen a lot of Memes on blogs since I first fell into the blogosphere. But this is the first one that struck me as being of both general interest and potentially interesting. This Meme came by way of Hula Seventy. Here goes:

Two names you go by:

-- Lee & Auntie Lee

Two parts of your heritage:

-- Irish & Scottish

Two things that scare you:

-- Alzheimer’s & Nursing Homes

Two everyday essentials:

-- Chapstick & Noxzema

Two things you are wearing right now:

-- Birkenstocks & Glasses

Two of your favorite current bands/artists:

-- Sugarland & Jann Arden

Two things you want in a relationship (other than love):

-- Laughter & Loyalty

Two truths:

-- Love is our soul purpose & Kindness matters

Two favorite hobbies:

-- Paper Making & Photography

Two things you have to do this week:

-- Finish the Fidelity work & Hang more cabinets from IKEA

Two stores you shop at:

-- IKEA & Trader Joe’s

Two favorite sports:

-- Baseball & Team Handball

Two shows you like to watch:

-- 'Law and Order' & 'Friday Night Lights'

Two things you'd buy if money were no object:

-- Wind Power & Solar Power for our home

Two wishes for 2007:

-- Peace & Published

Thanks to all of you who read Pink Granite - in silence or with comments! You enrich my world!


Roo said...

Here you go

Two names you go by:

-- Andrew & Roo

Two parts of your heritage:

-- Irish & Scottish

Two things that scare you:

-- Feeling alone & Loss of taste

Two everyday essentials:

-- House Key & Camera

Two things you are wearing right now:

-- Fathers signet ring & Favourite boots

Two of your favourite current bands/artists:

-- Captain & Newton Faulkner

Two things you want in a relationship (other than love):

-- Home & Laughter

Two truths:

-- Never ask anyone to do anything you are not prepared to do yourself & The day you wake up and realise you really don’t want to go to work, make a plan and quit your job

Two favourite hobbies:

-- Food with friends & Photography

Two things you have to do this week:

-- Get up early and take a walk on Saturday & decide if we invite people over for dinner sometime

Two stores you shop at:

-- John Lewis Partnership & Fat Face

Two favourite sports:

-- Rugby & Touring Car racing

Two shows you like to watch:

-- Ugly Betty & Doctor Who

Two things you'd buy if money were no object:

-- Refurb my 3Ltr V8 Triumph Stag to it’s former glory & Sort out the kitchen extension with THAT cooker

Two wishes for 2007:

-- Success for my new employers & enough snow in Tahoe

Hope it all makes sense, cheers


Pink Granite said...

Hi Roo-
Thanks for playing along! I like learning where we overlap (heritage, laughter, photography, Ugly Betty, etc....) and finding out new things! I'll have to click on the music links on your page and start discovering these artists.
We've got our fingers crossed you guys have lots of snow in Tahoe!

- Lee

January said...

Great meme! Hope you get published in 2007 (and, of course, I wish for peace, too).

Anonymous said...

I was just catching up on a couple of blogs and saw this Meme one. I think they can be fun too, especially when they are silly or even dare I say "inappropriate." Since I had a slow workday, I took your Meme and your answers and made up an alternative goofy one for you. I think I need more assignments at work if I have this much time on my hands…Enjoy, and please note some are quite, um, exaggerated. I have a sick sense of humor. Keep bloggin'!--KRL

Two nicknames you wish you had
-- K-Dog & Kitty Fantastic

Two parts of your favorite beverage:
-- Bailey’s Irish Cream & Scotch

Two ways you like to scare people:
-- Hiding under a bed and sliding out once the person gets into bed (Carrie did that to me once when we were kids, quite effective) & an Air-horn

Two everyday non-essentials:
-- My sneakers & any Shampoo Plus Conditioner

Two things you aren’t wearing right now:
-- Underwear & Bra (I kid! I kid!)

Two things best to avoid in a relationship:
-- Phys Ed Teachers and Cigar Smokers (Uh..oh..I am in trouble)

Two common fibs:
-- My dress size & “no officer, I have not had anything to drink tonight”

Two hobbies Kate wishes she was good at:
-- Paper Making & Photography

Two things you refuse to do this week:
-- Clean the bathroom & finish my taxes

Two stores you have shoplifted at:
-- 7 Eleven and Pizzeria Uno’s

Two odd but interesting sports:
-- Curling & Co-ed Dodge ball

Two shows you love but are embarrassed to tell people you watch:
-- Beverly Hills 90210 reruns & Antiques Roadshow

Two things you'd sell if you really needed the money:
-- My car & Phil’s comic book collection (don’t tell him that though)

Two death wishes for 2007:
-- The Republican Party & Pop Music

Gail said...

As KRL's mother, I am shocked at the shoplifting comment!!!


Pink Granite said...

Hi All -

Oh My!!! What did I start with my first Meme???

KRL -- Ask your Mom about: "Honest Officer, none of us was driving - we was all in the back seat!!!"

Gail -- keep in mind KRL did say some items were "exaggerated"!!!

Thanks for contributing! ;o)
- Lee