Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sharing The World Series

Tonight, Chuck had a craving for sushi. Our favorite place to get sushi here in Worcester County is at Chopsticks in Leominster. Chopsticks is also our favorite Chinese restaurant. So we were quite happy when several years ago they added on to the building and built a sushi bar. But tonight we had a dilemma: we didn’t want to miss Game Four of the World Series. Fortunately the sushi bar in Chopsticks has a television which is pretty reliably tuned to sporting events, so off we went.

It turned out to be a perfect idea. Apparently everyone else in Red Sox Nation was home having pizza or Fenway Franks in front of the TV. Or they were out in traditional sports bars with beer and munchies. We arrived in the middle of the first inning and sure enough the TV in the sushi bar had the game on. There were a few folks seated in the main dining room and a few more in the teppanyaki area, but we were the only patrons in the sushi bar. But we weren’t alone. We were joined by many members of the international Chopsticks staff as we all rooted for the Red Sox. As is true whenever Red Sox fans get together, game and player statistics along with opinions were flying. The food was delicious; from the miso soup to the gyoza to the maki, it was all as good as ever. And because the restaurant was so quiet, the service was especially quick, warm and friendly.

It was a great meal and a terrific way to share the excitement of the World Series. Now we’re home (We returned halfway through the seventh inning.) and hoping against hope for a clean sweep! Knocking on wood, fingers crossed, etc.!

: : Red Sox Update - October 29th, 12:30 a.m. :
The Boston Red Sox beat the Colorado Rockies 4 - 3 in Game Four of The World Series!
The Red Sox Swept and WON the 2007 WORLD SERIES in only four games!!!
Mike “I only know how to hit doubles and home runs” Lowell hit a double and a home run tonight! And he was named Most Valuable Player!!!
So good, so good so good!!!

Red Sox Nation was thrilled to break the 86 year dry spell and win the World Series in 2004. When they won tonight, I kept saying: “It happened again in our lifetime!” This really is a wonderful feeling! We are so grateful to and happy for, the entire Red Sox Organization!

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