Sunday, October 21, 2007

Day Seven - Safe & Sound...

...and home. Before we left Bar Harbor, we had that strong pull to stay a little longer. Then came the reassuring words “next time”. When we got close to the New Hampshire border, we could feel the beginning of the internal shift. By the time we were solidly in Massachusetts, home began to beckon strongly.

We’re here. The house looks like a baggage carousel derailed and there is a ridiculous amount of laundry already sorted into baskets. The cooler is unpacked. The car is in the barn. Enough. The Boston Red Sox are playing the Cleveland Indians. The derailment can wait. We need to go root for the Sox.

: : Red Sox Update:
The Boston Red Sox beat the Cleveland Indians 11 - 2!
They’ve won the Pennant!
Next Stop: The World Series!!!
So good, so good so good!!!


purpleronnie said...

Welcome home Lee! It looks like you had a wonderful time - all your pics are magnificent!

Anonymous said...


Pink Granite said...

Hey Ronnie -
Thanks for the good wishes and the compliment!
It was a terrific vacation in a beautiful location with an excellent "traveling companion"!
We're already looking forward to our next trip!
- Lee

Hey Anonymous Member of Red Sox Nation -
Go Sox indeed!!!
First 2004, now 2007 - this is awesome!!!
- Lee

Anonymous said...

So I was close to going to Game 1 tonight...but my friend who had the tickets ended up selling them on eBay for $2000!!! So I guess I will have to watch at home : (

I am not sure how I am supposed to handle this series. Last time, I took the week off from work to watch the Sox. This time I have work and school. Very stressful. How can I be expected to concentrate?- Kate

Pink Granite said...

Dear Kate,
Isn't the entire World Series considered a State Holiday??? At least until we finish off the Rockies of course, then a few days of celebrations involving Duck Boats. I'm pretty sure that your employer and graduate school are in violation of state law - moral and ethical laws for sure!!!

So sorry you weren't in the park last night, but so happy with the results!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Auntie Lee