Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Day Three

I have a problem. It’s a wonderful problem, actually, but a problem natheless. I’ve taken hundreds of photographs and I want to use them to somehow better share our experience of Acadia and Bar Harbor with you. When we off-load the camera at the end of the day I am faced with an embarrassment of riches. Then comes the dilemma: which photos will best allow someone to feel as if they are armchair traveling right along with us? My first instinct is “ALL”! My second is that without being able to breathe the crisp, salt air or inhale the woodsy pine smells or taste the food or listen to the cry of the gulls or the sounds of boat engines motoring back into port after a day of working the lobster pots, I’m doomed to fall short.

But I’ll keep trying. Here’s another sampling of what keeps us coming back year after year:

Along Park Loop Road, at the Otter Cove causeway

Meet Ralph, one of the most patient and photogenic Herring Gulls on Mount Desert Island

Beach stones at Seal Harbor

Objects in mirror are closer than they appear...

Then, as if a beautiful day in Acadia wasn’t enough, we went out for dinner with our friends Tom and Gale! They have recommended McKays to us in the past, but we had never made it, until tonight. I rarely make a strong recommendation based on one dining experience, but McKays has moved right to the top of our must-go-to-when-in-Bar-Harbor list. I admit, good conversation and lots of laughter with dear friends could have been a powerful, positive influence on the restaurant experience. But I know that Gale and Tom have been there many times so I’m taking the liberty of factoring in their previous visits! Both the Ahi Tuna and the salmon were delectable. The salmon was plated with a purple sticky rice and tender green beans. A basil citrus sauce only complemented and never overpowered the salmon. McKays reminded Chuck and me of the short-lived but terrific “Seasons” restaurant over on Roddick Street. In both cases we had the feeling someone who loved to cook and loved to eat was hard at work in the kitchen. But the chef never let enthusiasm for innovation overcome the taste of the individual ingredients.

Bar Harbor was once known as Eden. It could just as easily have been called Heaven...


Gail said...

Again, beautiful pictures but every time I try to set one of them as my background, I lose the bottom half. Anyway to make them smaller so I can capture the entire scene???

Jeff said...

Those pics bring back all the memories I have of Mt. Desert Island... and yes, it's the smells of the ocean and the food... ah, the food!

While in that area, it's always a good idea to get a haircut. That way, you can say you went the Bah Hahbah Bahbah.

- Jeff

Pink Granite said...

Hi Gail -
I'm so happy you are enjoying all the photos!
I'm uploading from iPhoto, so the the image files are quite large and I don't know of a way to reduce them without porting them into PhotoShop.
I think this may be one reason why people are so devoted to their "Flickr" photo accounts!
Maybe a Flickr account is in my future after all...
- Lee

Hi Jeff -
I'm glad to be able to stir up some happy memories for you!
As for the haircut suggestion:
Groaning long and loud now!!!
We New Englanders find the letter "R" so unnecessary!
We're off to find some wicked good Chowdah...
- Lee

tonya said...

i know what you should do. you should get a account if you don't have one or one at then you can load bunches and just link to it here. I know flickr is free up to 200 photos and vizrea is free to a certain amount too. not sure what. on flickr you can download an uploader (funny huh?) and it makes it really fast. You can drag and drop (very simple) or ctrl shift to upload more at once. gives us all ya got. we all seem to love them.

Pink Granite said...

Hi Tonya -
Thanks for all the great information about Flickr!
And special thanks for your kind words!
- Lee