Saturday, October 20, 2007

Day Six - Climbing To The Falls

Some people bag mountain peaks. Chuck has taken to “bagging” the Carriage Road Bridges of Acadia. And whither thou goest... well I’m bagging bridges right alongside him! Today we headed out Route 3 to Route 198 and parked in the Parkman Mountain Parking Lot. We then started up the winding carriage road with the greatest rise in elevation in Acadia. The wide crushed stone road offered a couple of hairpin switchbacks and many gentle, sweeping curves. The higher up we climbed, the better the views became, despite the lingering cloudiness. Our goal today, was two of the seventeen bridges: The Hemlock and The Waterfall. The two bridges are within sight of one another and each is beautiful in its own right. Though the Waterfall Bridge was certainly aptly named, with the highest waterfall in Acadia rushing forcefully after last night’s rain.

Along the Carriage Road to the falls

The Maple Spring Branch of Hadlock Brook, which runs under Hemlock Bridge

The Waterfall Bridge

The waterfall after which Waterfall Bridge is named

Looking down on Upper Hadlock Pond and the ocean beyond


Anonymous said...

That is interesting...there is a covered bridge up in Fryeburg, ME near Phil's land also called Hemlock Bridge! Here is a link to a print of his dad's drawing of that Hemlock. (The original drawing hangs in our living room!)--Kate

Pink Granite said...

Hey Kate -
Thanks for the link to your father-in-law's awesome site! His work is amazing!

I hope you and Phil get up to MDI one of these days. I know Carrie and Al loved it when they went up a couple of summers ago. We'll have to check out Fryeburg some day as well!
- Auntie Lee