Friday, October 5, 2007

Grabbing Another Virtual Push Pin

My quest continues. I’ve added another individual to my virtual bulletin board: Rickey Henderson. Rickey started playing baseball in the Major Leagues in 1979. His last MLB game was in 2003 and he’s just a few months younger than I am. Even after he “unofficially retired”, Henderson continued to play professional baseball, just not in the Majors. Henderson played for a number of ball clubs, including the Boston Red Sox. In the season he was with us, I was always impressed with his determination, athleticism and sheer physicality.

So when I don’t want to lace up my sneaks and head over to the track, or I want to slow down and stop a little early, I’ll be thinking of Rickey. I never was, nor ever will be the athlete Mr. Henderson was and continues to be (my success in Team Handball notwithstanding!) But I sure as heck can suck it up and do another lap. Maybe, just maybe I can even enjoy it!

: : Red Sox UPDATE Saturday, 12:47 a.m. :
The Boston Red Sox beat the Angels 6 - 3, in Game Two!!!
So good, so good so good!!! !!!

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