Wednesday, August 8, 2007


This is a twofer, as in two for the price of one. The small, fuzzy, tigeresque caterpillar in the photo above is, I believe, a Milkweed Tussock caterpillar (Euchaetes egle). This little fella is destined to become a Milkweed Tiger Moth. Our stand of milkweed is little more than three yards away - and heavily chomped! From an outside the species perspective, this appears to be it’s most colorful and flamboyant life stage.

What makes this a twofer, is what the caterpillar is curled around. That’s the doormat outside our kitchen door. I believe we bought it at least nine or ten years ago. It shows no signs of wearing out. It is made from recycled tires. More importantly, it works! It works in all four seasons. I’d bet it even works in the fifth season folks up in northern New England have: mud season. We bought it on a trip to Lehman’s, an excellent hardware store in Ohio, which serves the large Amish and Mennonite communities. I don’t see the exact same model doormat on their website, but I hope the one they are now offering is just as sturdy and functional. In any event, Lehman’s is worth a look.


Roo said...

Ohh it's a bug's rich life at your place at the moment! Do they all look sort of scary? ;o)

Pink Granite said...

Hi Roo -
The Daylilies have faded and the flower spikes from the Hostas are nearly past. Everything is green because of all the rain. So for the moment, the most colorful and/or interesting things in the landscape are the bugs!
And yes, up close, they ALL look a bit scary!!!
- Lee

Tonya said...

i'm checking it out. i love recycled tire products. there is something about them that is so cool.

Pink Granite said...

Hi Tonya -
It's very neat when something comes to the end of it's original purposed life, that it gets a whole new lease on life! The one thing I don't like about some recycled tire products is the smell. But this is an outdoor mat, so it's never been a problem.
- Lee
P.S. Ours is old enough, I think it has white walls built in