Sunday, August 26, 2007

Coming Home

We first saw the house in July. But we didn’t close until September. It was two more months before we were able to get enough work done such that we were able to move in. During those weeks of working on the house and waiting for others to finish their work, I used to drive over to the house and sit on the front porch with our Siberian Husky, Z. I couldn’t quite wrap my mind around the variety of plants growing everywhere - neither could Z. I found a chipped and cracked water pitcher in the back of the pantry. I filled it with water and every flowering thing I could find. I placed it on a little table on the front porch next to my chair, Z curled up at my feet.

Every year, as summer begins to wane, these flowers spring up in the mostly untamed tangle along the edge of the front lawn. Every year, it makes me think back to that first year of excitement, frustration, delight and exhaustion. I miss Z. She loved the first year we lived here, the last year of her life. We walked every bit of of every acre together across her last four seasons.

These are for you Z...

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