Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Ocean II

For KRL and Roo and Chuck and me and anyone else who is missing the ocean, I’m posting this photo. It was taken from the same spot as the one I posted the other day, but in the other direction. We were driving along Park Loop Road in Acadia National Park and came to Otter Point. It was one of those perfect sunny, dry, breezy, comfortably cool days in Maine.

I’m not sure if it’s grammatically possible, but I think I’m not just reminiscing by looking at these photos, but living vicariously through them!


Roo said...

Say - if I ever get over to the States to do the leaf trail up through Canada will it mean I travel through Maine?

In which case we may have to take in Otter Point ;o)

Tonya said...

lovely photo. I think I'm picnicking with you on one of those rocks right now.

Pink Granite said...

Hey Roo -
Maine is a "must do" - no matter what part of North America you get to! And Acadia is an absolutely must do!!!
- Lee

Hey Tonya -
Awesome! Please pass the potato salad...
- Lee