Thursday, August 16, 2007

Guest Post - Ocean III

After a very long and very busy day, I had no idea what I would post tonight. Then I opened my e-mail to find a great photo of Matunuck Beach in Rhode Island, at sunset. My niece KRL snapped it with her cell phone and had sent it along in response to my two recent ocean posts. Thanks so much KRL!!!

I’m going to go crash now...


Anonymous said...

Wow- that picture came out pretty well for a cell phone lol.

I love that you used my initials, I tend to sign my name like that to emails at work- its a habit that I guess I passed on to posting here.

Talk to you soon- love the pix of Carrie's new digs too. Love- Kate : )

Pink Granite said...

Hey Kate/KRL -
Your cell phone picture did come out great AND was a lifesaver for me!
We were both exhausted from the day, so as soon as I saw it, the lightbulb went off! Thank you!
Glad you're happy with my using KRL.
Carrie & Al's place is terrific.
As for the photos, the digi-scrapping thing is a full blown addiction now...

Anonymous said...

kate what a nice photo! And thanks for the pics of my new digs...can't wait to see the inside again for myself!!!!!