Friday, June 29, 2007

Summer Accessory

My favorite summer accessory is a folding fan. It’s actually more than just a favorite, it’s a necessity. I tuck one of these inexpensive little fans into my purse and I’m ready for hazy, hot and humid. Not a lot of folks carry these around here, but I don’t mind. They are simple, silent, compact and elegant. While other people are folding their programs into tight accordion pleats to get relief from the stifling heat, I’m fanning slowly, quietly and cooly! We purchased several of these about five years ago in a Japanese market in Cambridge. They were no more than a dollar or two each and have held up beautifully under steady summer use.

This afternoon the heat broke and the cool, dry air rolled in. But my fans are at the ready when our summer heats up again, as it surely will!


purpleronnie said...

How very elegant! I used to have one of those as a little girl - I think this summer I will track one down - I do fancy the idea!!!

Gail said...

As a newly minted Southern belle, I feel I should have one of these handy little items as soon as possible. Although, I am forever grateful to A/C and lots of it. I can't imagine what life was like for the original belles who sallied forth in layers and layers of stifling petticoats and tight corsets!!

Roo said... air - such fanciful tales of the weather, as I sit here on the 1st of July watching another deluge of rain hit the windows... ...

Pink Granite said...

Hey Ronnie -
Glad it brought back some memories! I hope you start a trend next summer around Cape Town!
- Lee

Hey Miss Gail -
Y'all really are a newly minted Southern Belle!
You and I both appreciate the option of icy AC! And I can't imagine having to layer up in all those restrictive pieces of clothing either. I think we were born at just the right moment in time!
Stay as cool as you can during your first southern summer!
- Lee
P.S. I was disappointed to discover that the Japanese store in Cambridge closed down in May!

Hey Roo -
It's really real weather - honest!
I hope you get a solid stretch of summer weather very soon! Trust me - I'll be happy to send you as much of our next heat wave as you'd like!!!
- Lee

Tonya said...

so scarlett

Pink Granite said...

Oh fiddle-de-dee Tonya!
I'll think of that tomorrow...

dancingmorganmouse said...

What a lovely old-fashioned way to cool down - just add an icey gin & tonic :)