Thursday, June 14, 2007

YES! To Marriage Equality!

“In Massachusetts today, the freedom to marry is secure.”
--- Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick

Today, the Massachusetts Legislature, in an overwhelming majority, voted on the side of the angels by blocking any further undermining of same-sex marriage here in the Commonwealth! The legislators agreed that it was inappropriate for citizens to vote on the rights of others and defeated a proposed constitutional amendment which would have banned gay marriage.

Read more about today’s events in this Bay Windows Newspaper article. Learn more at Mass

Even amidst the cheering and the sighs of relief, we must bear in mind that the price of liberty is eternal vigilance.

: : But right now it's really time to do a happy dance!


Roo said...

Happy dance as requested ;o) Good for you!

purpleronnie said...

Yes this does make me very happy!!!! We have also overcome this battle in our country and I now have several friends who will be tying the knot shortly!!! And why the hell not!! I am dancin now but boy I can't wait to dance at the wedding! xxx

Tonya said...

oh happy day. thank you for that. let it be the beginning of many more.

Pink Granite said...

Hey Roo, Ronnie and Tonya---
I think part of what helped this to go the right way was that same sex marriage has been legal in Massachusetts for three full years. Naturally, during those three years, none of the dire predictions made by the opponents came to pass. The sky did not fall, heterosexual marriages did not dissolve and families were not destroyed!

We are delighted that the issue is now resolved, but we will continue to remain alert.
- Lee

Roo said...

It's just plain simple common sense

I was going to go all flip and do the "but wait until their firstborn come of age" thing, but hey, I've been with Peter for over 15 years, and in that time, I've seen friends marry and divorce, seen close friends die and old friends weep - what in hell makes us any different?
I'm glad that common sense prevails.

Roo x