Monday, June 4, 2007

The Sweetest Anniversary

Today is the anniversary of my Mom and Dad’s first kiss. They met as teenagers when Dad was invited to sing with my mother in her church choir. My sisters and I grew up knowing this was a special day. It’s old fashioned, romantic, sweet and innocent all rolled up together. Dad’s been gone 19 years, but he and Mom shared five decades as a couple with all the joy and pain life can bring. They shared quite a few kisses along the way as well!


Nana Fi said...

Hello Pink Granite, Thanks for welcoming me to the blogging community. Such a sweet post that, gosh to remember their first kiss is amazing. On a completely different front could you please tell me why you can't wear white shoes until after labour day. It has been bugging me for years as they often comment on this in the movies. Nana Fi

Pink Granite said...

Hi Nana Fi-
Thanks for stopping by! I hope you're continuing to enjoy your blogging adventure.

As for your question, the old rule was that you should only wear true white or bright white shoes from Memorial Day (end of May) through Labor Day (beginning of September). It used to be pretty hard and fast, but as dress codes eased (and some went completely out the window!) it's no longer such a big deal. And one could always wear a lovely winter white or cream dress and matching pumps in the dead of winter without anyone looking askance!
Googling around, I could find no explanation other than old fashioned, fashion "rules"!
- Lee

Roo said...

This is just too sweet for words. What a lovely thoughtful post, it conjures up a different age.

I have two photos side-by-side on my study wall, of my parents; one is an old B&W one of them laughing and kissing when they where oh-so young. The other is one of them laughing and kissing at their 25th wedding anniversary. Pretty neat.

Hi too to nana fi, we sort of rub shoulders on comments over at Purple Ronnie's and the Suburban Ape.

The white shoe thing...beyond me ;o)

Pink Granite said...

Hi Roo-
Thank you. It really is sweet.
I love the description of the two photographs of your parents. Photos like that are absolute treasures, especially the way you have them displayed.
Re: the white shoes, those "rules" are a hoot!
- Lee