Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Bits & Pieces

- I was under the weather yesterday but am feeling much better today.
- The Pita tasted great on day two!
- I saw a cool slideshow with music over on a TypePad blog and have been scratching my head over how to load one of my own here on Pink Granite in Blogger. I can make it in iPhoto no problem and it turns into a QuickTime Movie, but because it ends in “.mov” I can’t upload it. I'd like it to be a clickable link rather than embedded. Advice?
- Foyle’s War is an excellent TV series. The latest installment is currently running on PBS here in the U.S.
- We are in the midst of a heat wave. Today it was 92 (@ 33 C). Tomorrow it is supposed to reach 95 (@ 35 C). Yes, I am very grateful for our little Energy Star window air conditioner in our bedroom!
- Del’s Frozen Lemonade (Caution: Their Site Is Noisy!) is an awesome Rhode Island Institution. I would give something precious for a Del’s right about now!
- I love the Boston Red Sox. Go Sox!


Roo said...

Hey Lee - When you find out how to add a music track, let me know.. I have been trying for ages to add a bit of music on my blog.

As for Foyles war, it's brilliant, and of course it was a much nicer time, when people wore hats. My father always wore one. And of course, we all talk like that, don't you know!

Do no complain about the heat, we have a tad too much water at the mo over here. In fact our lemonade is positively frozen, along with the rest of us!

As for favourite curses, I had to laugh at your reaction and Chucks, brilliant ;o)

Pink Granite said...

Hey Roo-
I seems as if TypePad's platform will support video and music, at least as a clickable link which will open a new page with your uploaded bit of media. But TypePad costs about $5.00 a month (or more) and I have found their blog pages very slow to load.
I'm not sure if "" can support sound, but I've seen them embedded on Blogger blogs. I'll keep hunting. I need to see if "Google Pages" can do anything more than Blogger when it comes to video and sound.

Glad you like Foyle's War as well. The relationship between Foyle and Sam is so sweet. My Dad always wore a hat. Chuck never leaves home without one.

Not complaining about the heat - at least not on my blog!!! The weather here in the U.S. is radically different all around the country and quite dangerous in far too many locales. There are terrible floods in the center of the country and destructive fires out in Lake Tahoe. I wish there was a way to even things out, even a little bit. To hark back to Chuck's Grandma Minnie: I'll take my own laundry in off the line...

Glad our take on your curse contribution made you laugh. Just returning the favor!
- Lee