Monday, June 11, 2007


I don’t like feeling trapped.
I don’t like it when other people change the rules.
I don’t like being treated like a number.
I don’t like mean, thoughtless, insensitive people.

I am tired, crispy and burnt.

I try to go out into the world with an open, positive, generous spirit.
Today I felt myself being nibbled to death by ducks - mean ducks at that.

I know I need to let go of all the disagreeable parts of today.
I am trying to focus on all that is good, kind, fair, loving and respectful in my life.

But I am tired, crispy and burnt...


purpleronnie said...

i don't know what to say.
i am sending lots of love your way... hope you feel better soon!
it is awful that sometimes we have to have bad days but they make the good ones so much better!

Roo said...

butttt.. I have to ask why you are you tired, crispy and burnt?

For the sake of making you laugh and curse me at the same time.. you weren't attacked by Chinese crispy duck assassins where you? They can be a bugger at this time of the year. It's something to do with the humidity ...


Pink Granite said...

All’s Well That Ends Well

Thank you Miss Ronnie.
You actually did know exactly what to say! You are so right that the contrast between good days and bad ones is important. As Chuck’s Grandma Minnie used to say: “I look around and I’ll take my own laundry back in off the line.” A good night’s sleep helped as did finding your cheerful message.
Many thanks!
- Lee

Thank you Roo.
No, I don’t think it was Chinese crispy duck assassins - but it was awfully humid yesterday. And it’s possible they were in some sort of Ninja disguises. Or they might have been wearing Potteresque cloaks of invisibility. Hmmm... that really would explain a lot...

It was absolutely nothing earth shattering, certainly nothing life threatening.
Remember what I wrote the other day about layers? Yesterday (like every day) was made up of layers. The first layers of the day were great. Then we arrived at our ophthalmologist’s for routine checkups. We only go once every two years and it’s always gone smoothly. This time, I guess her practice has grown because we felt like cattle in a chute. Snippy, imperious nurses, new rules and there was way too much negative attitude from members of the “helping profession”. Then, two hours later, we had to rush back (still half blind from the eye-drops) to our annual town meeting where, as usual, we passed huge budget items in the millions without blinking and argued over tiny things for four hours straight. We arrived home after 11:00 p.m to find a note from the cable company saying they had come by to add services to our line but we weren’t home. We hadn’t ordered any services and had no intention of paying for what was itemized on the slip in the door! Over a half an hour later I finally got them sorted out by phone. Then I logged on here and posted. I probably should have just had a good cry instead.

But if I hadn’t posted, I never would have had the benefit of knowing about your alternative theory of the day.

‘nuff said. I’m off to finally take my own laundry in off the line!
Many thanks!
- Lee

Roo said...

Hell, it happens to us all. I spent the last three days worrying about something that took a three minute conversation to sort... we are chumps at times, making our own misery.

Good job I am off tomorrow, going to a big homes and garden exhibition..woo hoo ...anybody want anything picking up???

Gail said...

f 'em and drive on!!

famous last words

Pink Granite said...

Hey Roo-
I have to say I was surprised at how sunk I felt after that visit to the factory - er - doctor's office! Glad we're all sorted out now!

Have a great time at the home and garden show. Will it be like the Chelsea Flower Show and you'll be rubbing elbows with Prince Charles? I look forward to photos of whatever inspired additions/changes you make to your own garden!
- Lee

Hey Gail---
A perfect variation on F.I.D.O.!!!
Very succinct - some might even say pithy ---
with or without a lisp!!!
Thanks for the sisterly advice!

Driving on now...
- Lee

Anonymous said...

If it makes you feel better, I had a life moment this week when I was informed after 28 years of 20/20 vision that I needed glasses. Eeek! The brightside: a new accessory I can purchase in different colors, shapes etc.
I like Gail's(Mom's) words of wisdom. I'll drive on too...but first I need to put my glasses on so I can see.

Pink Granite said...

Oh my Miss Kate!
That must have been a very rude awakening - especially as you are celebrating your 28th birthday this week!!!
But you've definitely got the right attitude accessory wise! I was actually a little disappointed that my Rx had changed so little that even my optician didn't think I could justify buying a new pair!
Happy Birthday Kate!
<);o) --- Party hats on!
- Auntie Lee