Sunday, July 1, 2007

Somewhere Is Here

We spent the weekend mostly around home. The weather was cool, dry and generally clear. That was a great incentive to get outside and do some yard work. We had just finished this afternoon’s round of trimming and raking. I was about to start making dinner, when we noticed it was beginning to rain lightly. At the same time we noticed that the sun was lighting up the tops of the trees in the field across the street. That’s when we saw the rainbow! I made a dash for the camera and ran outside to snap some pictures. The rain was heavy enough that I opened the barn door to get out of the weather and took the photos from there. I believe the last photo is where you can see the shadow or double rainbow the best. It was a great way to finish off the weekend!


purpleronnie said...

Right. I need your address please. Evidently you have a pot of gold there with my name on it?

barbie2be said...

those are beautiful, Lee. :)

Roo said...

Ronnie, did your mother not tell you that when you get to the end of the rainbow, the pot is at the other end?

(typically my mother is a Murphy).. hmm

Great pictures Lee, how about one of the barn door? (I have images of brick red colour and white beams, and a weather vane... ... )

Pink Granite said...

Geez Ronnie --- I knew there was something I was supposed to look for after I shot those pictures of the rainbow!!!

Thanks B2B!

So Roo, was "The Law" named after your mother, or one of her ancestors?
As for the barn door - I like your color scheme a lot. Give me time to get the place spruced up accordingly! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful!!! What great shots

Gail said...

Meant to tell you I am using the first rainbow pic as my wallpaper. Folks at work have commented on it and I am quick to tell them my very talented sister took the photo.

You are a Renaissance woman!

Pink Granite said...

Thanks Carrie!

Hey Gail!
I'm so glad you are enjoying that rainbow everyday! Thanks for the generous compliments!
- Lee