Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I’ve lived with cats off and mostly on, for a quarter century. Each one has had their own unique personality. I’ve lived with independent, feisty, aloof cats and at least one I referred to as a “puppy-cat” because of the way she shadowed me and came when called. I’ve even been called “Mom” by a cat. Willow used to draw the vowel sound out to make it a plaintive wail that was unmistakable as "Mom". She was the only creature on this earth to ever call me by that name. Amanda used to know whenever I was in pain and would curl up on just the right spot to bring warmth and comfort to me. Cassie is our posable cat. She doesn’t mind being picked up and carried in any configuration and when the camera is out, she actually lets us move her into a better position. Abby, well, she’s one tough cookie, who has taken to being held in my arms while I rub her tummy. And she likes to walk all around the slippery, curved edge of the old clawfoot tub, in between the shower curtain and the liner, just to get a head rub while we are on the throne, as it were. She likes a captive audience! But when I get the camera out she is the black and gold blur just exiting the edge of the photo.

So while the headline startled me, I didn’t doubt it when I read: “Feline Intuition; Cat Can Sense When Nursing Home Patients Are About To Die”. It’s a wonderful story about a cat in Rhode Island, named Oscar, who lives in a nursing home. When patients are about to die, he goes to their bedside. He senses their imminent passing even when the medical staff is uncertain. Here’s a link to the article, and another to the write up in The New England Journal of Medicine.

There’s so much we just don’t know...


purpleronnie said...

Cats are truly amazing and spiritual creatures. They are soo intuitive and instinctive. I just wish I could have one - unfortunately I am allergic... but I do love all the cats I have ever met.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree- whenever I am not feeling well, I swear Fred (a.k.a The Grey Menace) curls up on my stomach and purrs. Granted he also runs head first into the glass slider and hisses at his own reflection, but his instincts on humans are great!

OK... I will admit it, I do love them. You know I only joke with you about my lack of affection for our cats...KRL

Pink Granite said...

Hi Ronnie -
We didn't have cats when I was growing up and my first love was dogs. But a stray cat moved in with me ages ago and there was no looking back! I'm sorry you're allergic, but I'm glad you have all those other beautiful creatures in your family!
- Lee

Hi KRL -
Here's to Fred's (and all the other cats') good human instincts! I'm not so completely ga-ga over my cats that when they decide to shred the back of a chair I say: "Isn't that cunnin'!" but on balance they tip the scales decidedly toward comfort and joy. I know that's how you feel too!
- A.L.

Gail said...

My third daughter has gotten me through some tough times and I wouldn't trade her for anything. She is an endless source of amusement and comfort.

Hey second daughter, glad to hear you were only joking, I was going to sic the SPCA on you.