Sunday, July 8, 2007

Bridal Wreath

In honor of yesterday’s post, may I present Bridal Wreath. I actually thought I had uploaded this a couple of weeks ago when it was in full bloom. It’s very long lived and incredibly hardy, in that it can handle some pretty tough growing conditions - hot summers, freezing winters. Hmmm... more in common with yesterday’s post than I first realized!


barbie2be said...

it's gorgeous. i can't wait until we decide what to actually plant in our yard but i am pushing for hydrangeas and some climbing roses for the archway.

Pink Granite said...

Hey B2B -
I know you've been relishing every aspect of your gardening - including the weeding!
Hydrangeas and roses sound like a beautiful combination; simple yet abundant.
- Lee

barbie2be said...

there is just something oddly soothing about putting your hands into the earth. even if it is to pull weeds.