Saturday, July 28, 2007

Digi-Scrap Update

I wanted to give you an update on my PhotoShop Elements (PSE) and Digital Scrapbooking progress.

progress ( prŏg 'rěs' ) noun 1. a movement toward a goal...

If that’s how we agree to define progress, and since I am making movement toward a goal, then I am making progress! I do feel that things are starting to click when it comes to PSE. I’m still not creating layouts that make me completely happy, but layers and brushes are making sense! I recently picked up a special publication magazine from Creating Keepsakes called “Computer Tricks for Scrapbooking”. It shows what they call “hybrid” scrapbooking; digital scrapbooking which has been printed out and embellished with other paper scrap supplies. That’s not my goal, but it has lots of clear instructions for digital work.

Perhaps even more importantly, it led me to Jessica Sprague’s websites. This gal writes very clear instructions within PhotoShop, but they are generally applicable to PSE, and they all relate to digital scrapbooking. The blog she used to post at, devoted to “PhotoShop Friday” tips, is not currently active, but all the excellent information is still available here. Her original blog is also no longer active, but is available over here. And her newest and still active blog (which includes all the later “PhotoShop Friday” tips) is right over here!

Also, if you are at all interested in digital scrapbooking, do sign up for the Scrap Girls e-mail newsletter. Their products and information are excellent. Plus, in every newsletter they offer at least one free downloadable item. They even have an entire “Biggie Collection” of digital papers and elements you can download for free, just to see if you want to pursue this whole digi-scrap addiction - umm - hobby! Right now they are having another sale. It’s not as extremely fabulous as the one I heated up the credit card with a couple of months ago, but it’s a sale nonetheless! And the sale includes their downloadable QuickTime Instructional Videos, which really are worth the money.

Last week I brought my Mom 8” x 8” versions of the Mothers Day Collage and the Gagee and Mom pages I did. They made her cry - but in a good way. That clinched it for me. I will keep on digi-scrapping!


George Geder said...


I have to blame you and Jared Sprague's wife for having me loose an entire Sunday morning viewing some excellent photoshop tutorials and scrapbooking ideas.

Now, I have two more blogs (yours and hers) to keep track of!


"Guided by the Ancestors"

Mandy said...

Thanks for sharing your progress. And thanks for sharing about the Scrap Girls sale. And yes, Jessica Sprague can sure teach! I've sat in on a class in person with her. She's outstanding.

Pink Granite said...

Hi George -
I count myself in very good company when you group me with "Jared's wife", Jessica Sprague! So happy you found useful information over at her sites.
Your photography and restoration work is always exciting to view. I can only imagine what you'll do next!
- Lee
P.S. It is often said that computers "eat time". The internet and blogs are no exception!

Hi Mandy-
Thanks for stopping by. You're fortunate to have experienced Jessica's teaching firsthand!
I'm happy to let folks know about Scrap Girls. It has been a wonderful resource!
- Lee