Thursday, July 19, 2007

Miss July

We spent a lovely day today down in Rhode Island with my Mom. The three of us also had the opportunity to join our niece Carrie, at a reception in her honor. She was named employee of the month! It was such fun to see her healthy, happy and very much in her element. Her colleagues clearly think she is the bee’s knees and we heartily agree!

This Daylily is for you Carrie, with our congratulations!


purpleronnie said...

She's a beauty! I love the colour!
Well done Carrie - so pleased you are doing so well!

Roo said...

Lovely - unfotunately all my Lillies didn't make it this summer, it's so wet here! ;o)

Pink Granite said...

I love Daylilies - especially the common roadside ones. Which around here means a simpler, less showy, orange bloom on a leggy stem. They grow in great clumps. I'll try to get a picture posted.

Thanks for the congrats to Carrie, Ronnie! It was great fun!

Sorry about your lilies, Roo - happy to share these!
- Lee

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Lily...and Thanks for coming! Had great fun

Pink Granite said...

Hey Carrie -
The pleasure was all ours! It was great to see you flourishing in your element!
- Auntie Lee