Thursday, July 26, 2007

Not Exactly As Planned...

- Parking in Boston, even after validation, is still expensive.
- There is a staggering amount of pain and despair in an Emergency Room, even on a busy, but not completely chaotic, Thursday afternoon.
- Kind, intelligent, compassionate, well intentioned Health Care Workers must have a deluxe place in Heaven.
- Everyone should have access to excellent health care and excellent health insurance coverage.
- Truly delicious matzoh ball soup (with nice bits of tender chicken) is a mechaieh (a great joy).
- Air conditioning is also a mechaieh.
- My little folding fan does wonders in a pinch!

All is well now. There was a bit of a family hiccup today. I’m happy to be home after a long hot day, with everyone healthy and whole.


Tonya said...

hope things are good. sounds mysteriously like someone had a little accident.

Pink Granite said...

Hi Tonya -
Yes, things are now all good! An elderly relative took a tumble, but she is now safe and sound at home.
- Lee
P.S. My fan was very much in demand!