Sunday, July 15, 2007

Summertime Movies

A gal over on another blog put out a call for some "lighter" movie recommendations. That got me thinking about some favorite films of ours, all of which leave me with positive feelings as the credits roll. Here’s a list:

- Mad Hot Ballroom (2005)
- Love Actually (2003)
- Guess Who's Coming To Dinner (1967)
- Notting Hill (1999)
- Dave (1993)
- It’s A Wonderful Life (1946)
- Wordplay (2006)
- Sleepless In Seattle (1993)
- The Natural (1984)
- South Pacific (1958)
- Field of Dreams (1989)
- The Queen (2006)
- Mr. Smith Goes To Washington (1939)
- Little Miss Sunshine (2006)
- That Thing You Do (1996)
- Ever After (1998)
- The American President (1995)
- Dirty Dancing (1987)
- Remember The Titans (2000)
- A League of Their Own (1992)

Learn more about any of these titles at IMDb, the Internet Movie Database.
What would you recommend we rent this summer to leave us feeling equally relaxed, upbeat and cheerful?

: : Red Sox Notes:

- The Boston Red Sox have been a delight to watch this year. Manager Terry Francona trusted his instincts and left Dustin Pedroia in through his meager streak all the way through to his getting hot! Likewise, Terry stuck with Julio Lugo (even after that strange attempt to steal third a few weeks ago) and he too is now heating up.
- Compliments to Lugo for adding the Ichiro Suzuki bat line-up and shoulder adjustment to his at-bat routine. Big improvement over earlier in the season!
- I still miss having Johnny Pesky in the dugout with the team during every game. Wake up MLB powers-that-be and reverse your ruling!
- Hideki Okajima - oh my goodness, he has been such an asset!
- The Red Sox have to keep third baseman Lowell. I know he’s up for free agency at the end of the season but he has been terrific. We still call him Mike “I only know how to hit doubles and home runs” Lowell!
- Speaking of Free Agents, every major league baseball player that makes it to free agency owes a debt of gratitude to Curt Flood. Sadly, center fielder Curt Flood passed away in 1997 at the age of 59. But it was the David vs. Goliath legal battle he began in 1969, to fight the Reserve Clause, that led to the increased freedom and tremendous salaries players now enjoy. Today’s players should be sending checks to all the guys who came before them and worked for peanuts.


Anonymous said...

Who can argue with Dirty Dancing? "Nobody puts baby in the corner."

All the movies Phil and I have seen recently are probably not in the "feel good" category lol, but were certainly great (Pan's Labryinth, Children of Men and a quirky little movie called Thumbsucker). Not sure where you might rank it on the violence scale...but the latest James Bond movie, Casino Royale, I thought was excellent.

Although don't watch it with Chuck. At one point Phil leaned over and said "you can close your mouth now." Daniel Craig is pure eye-candy in that movie! -KRL

Pink Granite said...

Hi KRL -
Whenever I stumble across "Dirty Dancing" being broadcast on TV, I have to stop and watch! I so love the finale and I love the late, great Jerry Orbach as the Dad!

Thanks for the recommendations for the less "light" films. I also appreciate your remembering my exceedingly low tolerance for violence. Apparently my assessment of "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" as being too violent has never been forgotten by you and Carrie! ;o)

Thanks also for the heads up about Daniel Craig. By any chance has D.C. moved into the ascendancy for your Mom? LOL!
- Auntie Lee

Tonya said...

we are such girls with our movie likes. it's hard to resist a rom-com.

I am moving my blog to
i hope you will visit me there. i feel like i am being elitist by not posting this to my blog but i am being picky about who i want to take with me. i hope you can understand that. i have just gotten a little uneasy with some of the readers of the old blog. it will be easy for them to find me because i didn't change the name but they will at least have to search for it.

Nana Fi said...

I loved "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" "Meet the Fockers" "Pretty Woman" and an old favourite "Ferris Bullers Day Off". I could go on and on but that is enough for now. Hope you have not seen just one of them then you are in for a treat. Nana Fi

Roo said...

I agree with nana fi - Ferris Beullers day off was a classic - how about Gleaming the Cube, if you were ever a skateboard fiend? oh, and had a hopeless crush on a young Christian Slater ( and yes, before you ask, I now have a hopeless crush on an older C.S.)

Be that as it may, try "The Love Letter", that's a sweet film.

Back to crushes - Daniel Craig, well I wouldn't kick him out of bed for leaving crumbs.

Oh and the blog post, I was with you all the way to the Red Sox thing, then you started talking in a different language... oh and by the way, I have never seen a baseball match live either.

Pink Granite said...

Hi Tonya -
Yup! A good romantic comedy with a happy ending - sounds like a home run to me!

I'll definitely come by and visit you in your new virtual digs! Sorry to hear about the uneasiness with the old blog. I hope this turns out to be a good solution!
- Lee

Hi Nana Fi -
We haven't seen "Meet the Fockers" yet, but the others you recommended are all fun films!
Thanks for the suggestions!
- Lee

Hi Roo -
Thanks for your suggestions! We haven't seen "Gleaming the Cube" yet. We saw a TV movie called "The Love Letter" which was very good, but not the one with Kate Capshaw, I think you mean. We'll add it to the list!
As for Daniel Craig - I guess I've really been out of the loop on the "hunk du jour"!

Sorry about the foreign language of baseball. At least I give a warning with the heading "Red Sox Notes"! Baseball is a great spectator sport because they play 162 games during the regular season. Add in spring training and post season games and one has a slew of opportunities to learn all about it. Hope you have the chance to see a game in person someday!
- Lee

Roo said...

Film thing - i forgot "Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe"

Anonymous said...

I can argue with dirty dancing Kate yuck:)..just not for me however, Pursuit of Happiness with Wil Smith is a great movie with a happy y'all tomorrow
XXOO Carrie

Pink Granite said...

Hi Roo-
Thanks! Yes, "Fried Green Tomatoes" is a good film!
- Lee

Hey Carrie-
I forgot to put "Pursuit of Happyness" on the list! We saw it just recently and really liked it!

Looking forward to tomorrow! Congratulations!
- Auntie Lee

Gail said...

Russell Crowe still rules, although I agree with Roo, I wouldn't kick the "new" 007 out of bed!

Frankly, I woudn't kick anyone out of bed at this point in my life!


Pink Granite said...

Hey Gail -
Clearly we need to get you Daniel Craig's phone number!!!
I wonder if he blogs...
- Lee