Monday, July 16, 2007


I assume that they are broadcast only here in the States, but I - actually we - are smitten with a series of Liberty Mutual Insurance television advertisements. The ads depict a chain of good deeds flowing from one person to another in an intersection of The Golden Rule meets Pay It Forward. Even with the mute button on the ads are powerful, but the music puts them over the top. That music is by the group Hem.
Make a note of that: Hem!
Their sound is folk and country, but is richer and more sophisticated than those two categories imply.
Here are a ridiculous number of links so that you can all see - and more importantly hear - what has us both spellbound.

The Hem website
Hem’s MySpace page where you can easily (automatically) listen to their music.
The YouTube video of the first commercial with the song “Half Acre”.
The YouTube video of the second commercial with the song “The Part Where You Let Go”.
The Hem fan website where you can read the lyrics to Hem’s songs.

: : Enjoy!


barbie2be said...

i love those commercials.

Roo said...

Oh you've gone and done it now, I listened to the tunes and was genuinely taken by them - now all I have to do is find the imports! And get a link on my blog! ;o)

Tonya said...

we have dvr so i had not seen the commercials. they are fab though. i have that myspace playing on another tab right now while i'm typing. the group is great. i will have to buy some of their stuff.

Pink Granite said...

Hi All -
It's a treat to share such great music with you!
I'm so happy that you like them!
- Lee