Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Neither Mutiny Nor Michael

Over on Advanced Style, they have a pictorial post on stylish folks, of certain age, with canes. In recent years we’ve had some experience with canes and walking sticks. Two of our elderly relatives have needed canes. Neither of them was interested in anything too “loud” or too “flashy”. Believe me, we tried! But the goal for each of them was to be as normal as possible, to not stand out; to not shine a bright, hot light on age related needs. As someone who is inherently shy and has magically worn a cloak of invisibility for years, I absolutely get it. But as someone who also has a penchant for snazzy, eye-catching, often vintage purses; who always has a folding fan with her and is never, ever afraid to use it and who loves wearing bright striped socks - well I really don’t get it.

When Chuck and I recently chose hiking sticks we looked at function, strength, lightness, feel in the hand and yes, appearance. We chose a couple of sassafras ones. They were frankly inexpensive. But we wanted to try them out when we walk on dirt country roads, the carriage trails in Acadia, the rocks at Schoodic - pretty much anywhere that isn’t paved or a high school track. We wanted to learn to use them efficiently and effectively. We wanted to become comfortable with using something for pleasure and additional ease. But we also wanted to be prepared to extend our options and maintain our agility and mobility as the years roll by.

Yes, we’re young - well, we think we are! But our ERs remind us that, if we’re lucky, the road is long and hardly ever gun barrel straight. So we’ll start with a couple of sassafras beauties. However, should circumstances change, we’ve already got our eyes on something like these dazzlers. Fair warning to the generation behind us: Uncle Chuck and Auntie Lee will not be going gently (or dowdily) into that good night!


Irene said...

My 85 year old mother in law refuses to use a cane, even though she's fallen SEVERAL times. She says a cane will make her look old. Um, she IS old and still hung up on vanity. I have no problem with using a cane, and did use one after hip surgery instead of crutches. My son said he wanted to "trick out" the cane, but I didn't use it that long. I'm all for having fun with the cane when the time comes, and the time WILL come. ;)

Pink Granite said...

Hi Irene -
Oy! I hear you!
Chuck's Tanta S. did eventually use her cane and now her walker. But she still "furniture walks"! My Mom sometimes uses her cane, but prefers to take an arm and, when shopping, is greased lightning with a carriage in front of her!

By the time we might need canes, I imagine our choices will be even more spectacular!

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Oooo most excellently excellent whacking sticks! :)