Monday, June 14, 2010

Service & Sweet

This may be slightly premature, but it seems entirely possible that LaCie rocks!

One of the three ways to connect my 2008 LaCie Rugged external hard drive (EHD) to my laptop went kaput. At first I thought it was the cable. But a quick side trip yesterday to an Apple store, determined that it was the “outlet” or something internal to the EHD. Ted said “It’s still in warranty. Call LaCie. They’ll treat you right.” I called. They did - treat me right that is. I’m wrapping it up and shipping it off to them tomorrow. They will either repair it or send me a new one. Sweet!

Now, because many of you just glazed over as soon as you got to “external hard drive” I bring you another photo of another four legged member of our family, Cassie:


Ms Brown Mouse said...

O, she's beautiful, a beautiful calico cat. (you did lose me at external hard drive :))

GAIL said...


Roo said...

Actually I glazed over when you said "apple store" ...tee hee...

Nice cat, looks very content

Pink Granite said...

Hi All -
I could feel you glazing over!
Cassie is both pretty and has a good disposition. And since she had her thyroid treatment is much healthier and calmer.
- Lee