Monday, June 7, 2010


Our niece Kate and her husband Phil have welcomed the cutest Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier into their lives. His name is Murphy and he is our “grand-nephew”! We haven’t met him in person yet, but Kate sent us these photographs. She also generously gave me the green light to post them here. I can’t wait to pet him!!!

Photographs courtesy of KRL. Layout by LMR/Pink Granite. Fonts: Hypatia Sans Pro and Jayne Print. Software: Apple iPhoto ’09 & Adobe Photoshop Elements for Mac.


Ms Brown Mouse said...

He's adorable, and those ears!

GAIL said...

Could he be any cuter??

Murphy's Grandma


Kate said...

Hands down the best dog ever. He is a sweetheart (except when he bites Phil's ankles) and absolutely beautiful! We love him! Thanks for the Murphy-feature on Pink Granite!

Anonymous said...

very cute!

Pink Granite said...

Hi All -
I knew Murphy's sweet face would make everyone smile!
Thanks for the photos Kate!
We hope to see him in person very soon...