Friday, June 18, 2010

Where’s The Off Switch?

You know those ball machines that serve tennis balls or pitch baseballs to you at a steady clip? You remember the “Lucy and Ethel work in the chocolate factory” episode when the conveyor belt speeds up and overwhelms them? Life came at us a little like that this week. Some of it was very troubling: a relative with a serious health diagnosis. Some of it was curious: Chuck with a fever and no other specific symptoms. Some of it was frustrating: the domino effect on our family when Chuck’s fever meant we had to cancel a visit to Rhode Island. Some of it was just plain stupidly-small: our e-mail service changed formats and left us feeling like all the easy, useful features had been stripped in the name of “new & improved”.

You get the idea. The sense that every time the phone rang a new challenge was being delivered - major, minor and every size in between. I know that many things will resolve themselves on their own or yield to some attention, effort and maybe a little homemade chicken soup. Worrying won’t really help - but it does occupy one’s time and energy. Tincture of time is frequently effective - but requires patience. Perhaps a good night’s sleep will leave us better prepared for whatever life sends our way tomorrow. Hey, including being able to truly enjoy some good news - - - O.K. Universe?

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Ms Brown Mouse said...

:( You know, times like these I just don't answer the phone - but I get the feeling you just couldn't do that *winks*

Roo said...

Home made chicken soup - has to be the best think for everything! Hope it all pans out - hugs all round

Papamoka said...

Chicken soup is good for the body but I'm a firm believer when things seem so out of your control to just let go and let God deal with it.

Hugs to you and Chuck.

Pink Granite said...

Hi DMM -
You know me too well!
But I am able to take the phone off the hook during a nap - but only if I've set an alarm!

Hi Roo -
Homemade chicken soup is also known as Jewish Penicillin! Chuck likes me to make it with a parsnip, because that's the way his mother made it.
Hugs back to you and Peter!

Hi Papamoka -
Thank you for the heartfelt advice.
When I was a young kid I came to understand that it was my responsibility to do my best and all I could and that God - along with my Guardian Angel - would always be there for me.
Hugs back!
- Lee