Monday, June 21, 2010


: : Chuck is definitely feeling better today. Kind man that he is, he is giving me and my chicken soup most of the credit! My money’s on tincture of time and the chicken soup, but it is very nice to feel appreciated!

: : We also got some optimistic news. The cancer treatment for a loved one will be far less invasive and onerous than we had feared. The Radiology Oncologist will be using CyberKnife treatment. Once again medicine collides with science fiction.

: : You may remember my disappointment and dissatisfaction with my primary care physician. Well, we took the bull by the horns today and Chuck tried to get me transferred over to his doctor. No such luck, but his doc, who knew my beloved retired doc and knows my current PCP, did make a recommendation for me. It looks like the paperwork transition will go smoothly. Fingers crossed my new PCP and I will be a good fit, ‘cuz heaven knows I would like this settled.


Irene said...

I didn't realize it's so hard to switch doctors! I hope that is settled because doctors are the people who you're supposed to trust with your life!

Pink Granite said...

Hi Irene -
Our insurance is very good. It's easy to switch as far as they are concerned. But the large group practice our doctors have belonged to, well, that has been "interesting".

I'm happy to report that all is settled now. And while my new doc is not like my retired favorite doc, he was a far sight better than my dreadful in between doc!
- Lee