Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ups & Downs

I spent an obscene amount of time on the telephone today; much of it on hold; much of it with technical support. As I said afterwards: “That’s four and a half hours I’ll never get back!” I am crispy, burnt toast, fried.

On the up side:
- A resolution of the tech problem is on the horizon.
- Murphy’s Mom is happy to have her pup making us smile.
- Morgan’s birthday celebration is going swimmingly.
- My Mom’s handyman is wrapping up the latest round of projects.
- The weather has been cooler, sunnier and breezier.
- It was so cool, I made mashed sweet and Yukon Gold potatoes to go with the Haddock and salad tonight.
- The cats did not get into a fur-flying fight today.
- I’ve been working with some photos which are making me smile.
- We are looking forward to good news tomorrow afternoon.

Hope your day was ALL good - and that tomorrow holds more of the same!


Granite Countertop Calgary said...

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Roo said...

Hey hey - catching up ;o)

Loved the rockers, and where did you get that model that cut such a dash!

Love the granite comment from above... slightly wierd, unless you are looking for new counter tops?

Pass on my regards to Jeff, I'll check out his blog this weekend, and thanks for the thoughts aboutmy Bro ( he had a heart attack but didn't know it at the time.. fool)

Sorry to hear about the tech issues, still as soon as that PC turns up it'll all be sorted .... tee hee.

Lastly - MURPHY!... want one now! He is a gem, so I'll have to add him to my list of things to see and do! Cool pooch.

Phew - what am I going to do when I am away in the summer! Hope it's not too humid now, we seem to be getting one good then one bad week this summer, this side of the pond. All the best to you and Chuck, hope the rockers are proving a success (ps, like the seat pads too, v. stripey)

Pink Granite said...

Hi Roo -
The model cost me a fortune, but he really made the photo shoot for the rockers, so what the hey!

The comment above, along with a slew of others is recent and oddly logical spam. At least it's not p*rn!

Jeff continues to live-blog his chemo, as well as post about all of his usual wide ranging topics. I'd probably be curled up in a ball on the couch under similar circumstances - amazing.

That's awful about Kev having had a heart attack! From your post, he sounded safe for now. Hope he is on the mend soon.

PC? Do you mean a Personal Computer? Apples are personal computers. Oh, and another little company has some sort of other operating system. Not sure if it will catch on or not. I think it's called "Doors" or maybe "Windows" - something like that!

Actually, the tech issue is a compatibility one between my two year old Photoshop CS3 and a more recent Mac OS X version. Two years still feels brand new to me, but it's positively ancient and doddering in the computerverse. So CS5 is on my horizon...

Murphy looks like what designers wish they could make stuffed toys look and feel like! Can't wait to see him - before he grows up any more!

Enjoy your getaways and vacations - crazy weather be damned! Just post a few pics from time to time so we can follow your adventures. We'll all manage to stay in touch!

Thanks for catching up.
Best to Peter -
- Lee