Thursday, June 24, 2010

Two Degrees of Separation

Prince Albert of Monaco, at age 52, has, at long last, become engaged to a beautiful woman from South Africa: Charlene Wittstock, age 32, a former Olympian.

My Dad wanted me to drop my then boyfriend and marry Prince Albert of Monaco. He told me so back in the late 1970s - right in front of said boyfriend! It was irrelevant that I had never actually met Prince Albert. The fact that a very good friend of mine was not only attending the same college as the Prince, but living in the same building, was all Dad needed to know. He was immediately ready to marry off his youngest daughter into a style to which she could easily become accustomed!

Despite my Dad’s enthusiasm and determination, I never did meet Prince Albert. But because of my hopelessly romantic heart, when I heard the news of his engagement, I felt happy for him and wished them both well. I found my soulmate. Hopefully, the Prince has finally found his.


RoasterBoy said...

As a footnote, I was at Amherst at the time that the Prince came there. When I met with people whom I'd not seen for a while, they'd first ask, "Have you seen the Prince?" I saw him a few times and knew people who were in classes with him. Nice guy, humble, smart. A good catch.

Pink Granite said...

Hi RB -
Our lives intersect and overlap at the most interesting junctures!

My friend also spoke very well of the Prince. That of course only strengthened my Dad's hopes for me!
- Lee

Sue said...

If it means anything, I'm glad you caught Chuck instead, I think you live a much happier life with him and was just commenting on how boring life married to a royal must be.

The flip side is that Charlene's South African and we're (well me, at least) looking forward to a royal wedding! Britian's Prince Harry is dating Chelsea, a gorgeous Zimbabwean born girl who studied at the University of Cape Town... The lifestyle would kill me, I just couldn't do it... Humble is better