Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Like A Freakin’ Rug

My oh my! Have they no shame? Apparently not.

Last month I mentioned my frustration with the McCain-Palin ticket, their campaign staff, their spin-masters, their mouthpieces and the entire Big Republican Machine. My anger and frustration has not eased. In fact, it seems to increase in direct proportion to their level of desperation and concomitant mudslinging.

Case in point: all the talk about Barack Obama as a tax and spend liberal, anti-small business, a Socialist/Communist/Marxist/fill-in-the-blankist and now, direct from John McCain’s lips: “Redistributionist in Chief”. Every time I heard one of these ridiculous attacks I used to just mutter “Lying Sacks of @#%$”. Now, I launch into a chorus of “Lying Sacks of @#%$” - sung to the tune of “There’s a Tavern In the Town”, perhaps better known as “Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes” - to which I’ve added the verse: “Liar, liar pants on fire”. It’s very liberating. Feel free to join in.

So, since most of these attacks are on Barack Obama and his tax plan, here’s a link to the Obama-Biden Tax Calculator. You can quickly key in your facts and see the truth, not the spin from the BRM, et al.


purpleronnie said...

Firstly, welcome home guys!! Glad you made it back safe - looks like you had a great time and all your pics are lovely!

I was watching some of their speeches yesterday in Pennsylvania and Philadelphia. It is getting so exciting - you are right this is such an exceptional election and I am really feeling the Obama victory dance coming on!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lee & Purpleronnie,

"Warning, Will Robinson, warning!"
Don't do that victory dance yet... instead, make sure everyone you know gets out there and vote.

Help the seniors get to the polling places. Make sure the younger voters put down their ipods long enough to go vote.

Stranger things have happened and we can't let anyone get complacent on this one.

BTW, Michelle Obama came to Santa Fe yesterday and my wife Cynthia who volunteers at the campaign office, got to meet and 'hug' the potential first lady! What a surprise!

"Guided by the Ancestors"

Pink Granite said...

Hi Ronnie -
Thank you!
We did have a great time and I'm so happy you enjoyed the photos.

The election is getting very, very exciting!
Keep holding a good thought for all of us working toward a good outcome and please hold Barack and Joe in your thoughts as well. We need all the good wishes of the whole world - especially you folks in South Africa who understand change!!!
- Lee

Hi George -
No victory dances around here - not yet!

The last thing we need is for U.S. voters and Obama-Biden supporters in particular, to become complacent - or worse yet stay home!

As for Cynthia - WOW!!!
I am over the moon at the idea that Cynthia was able to meet and hug Michelle Obama!!! That is amazingly cool!

Now, according to the concept of "degrees of separation", if we can count a virtual or blog relationship (and why not?), then that makes me just about four degrees of separation from Barack Obama!
Thanks to you and Cynthia for that!
- Lee

Turn HOPE into reality. VOTE!