Monday, October 20, 2008

Temporary Maniacs

Well, Maine-iacs would be kinder and more accurate. We’re up in Bar Harbor and Acadia in Maine for a few days. We’re staying in a different motel than we usually do and unfortunately our internet access is a bit spotty. But it’s sunny and there seems to be plenty of bright fall foliage left on the trees, as opposed to carpeting the ground. I’ll snap pictures and do my best to upload them tonight.

We had a bit of an adventure over the weekend. Our barn was restored (read: brought back from the brink of disaster) about ten years ago. It has three bays and a loft. The center bay is where we garage our Subaru. The right hand bay used to hold our other car until we became a one car family. The left hand bay is where Chuck has his workshop. Chuck stepped through the doorway from the center bay into the workshop and the floor gave way beneath him! He’s fine. But the floor dropped a good six inches. We crawled around under the barn with flashlights to get a clearer sense of what the heck had happened. It’s ugly but repairable. At least that’s what Roger, one of the guys (read: miracle workers) who restored the barn a decade ago, said when we called him. He’ll stop by this week to see what’s needed and we’ll all get to work on it when we return.

And no, we refuse to rename our home “ The Money Pit”!


dancingmorgan mouse said...

Crikey, was it termites? nasty little buggers.

Roo said...

Well hey, it's a good job you are not heavy drinkers (ahem) other wise there is a perfect excuse for a cellar!

Wendy said...

oo dear sounds nasty and expensive.

Pink Granite said...

Hi DMM -
No, we're almost 100% sure it's not termites!

When John and Roger first worked on the barn, they came to believe that the current incarnation had been built using parts from an older barn. The section that failed, may just have been part of that more ancient construction.
- Lee

Hi Roo -
Boy howdy, I never should have posted that beer run story this summer! I fear you all picture us as perpetually in our cups!

But now that you mention it, that crawl space beneath the barn is always cool...
- Lee

Hi Wendy -
Oh, I so hope it's not terribly expensive!
After writing the final check for the roof and then the check to the landscaper, I think I saw a moth fly out of the family wallet!
That's part of why we're staying at a new-to-us (read: cheaper!) motel!
- Lee