Wednesday, October 22, 2008

You Meet Such Interesting Folks While Traveling

White Tail Deer

Herring Gull

Common Mergansers

Acadia National Park is awesome. I must have mentioned that it is very accessible. You can drive around in a vehicle and experience the park without feeling as if you are missing out on everything. Or, if you are able, you can climb cliffs, scramble on rocks, hike challenging trails or traverse the Carriage Roads by foot, bike, horseback or cross country skis “if the weather be good”!

Monday, we walked about seven miles on one of the Carriage Roads. Looking at the topo maps, Chuck thinks the rise in elevation was about 300 feet. The bag I made worked great. Both Chuck and I carried it at different times and it was very comfortable and functional. The next day we drove over to the Schoodic Peninsula. Because we were a little achy from the day before, we figured we’d take it easy. But those amazing pink granite rocks on the point called out to us. So off we went climbing and jumping like a couple of kids - human or goat! By the time today dawned, we felt less like kids and more like old goats! As a result we promised ourselves a more low key day.

That’s how we came to be driving sedately on the Park Loop Road this morning. Just past the entrance gate, I spotted a couple of White Tail Deer grazing off to the side of the road. By the time we drove very slowly up nearer to them, they had slipped further into the woods. I stopped the car and Chuck snapped the photo above.

Farther along Park Loop I pulled over to the left hand side of the road to visit with a very accommodating Herring Gull. I swear, last year one of his buddies was in the exact same spot and was just as much of a professional model. Over a span of about four minutes I snapped 22 photos!

Oh, and while we were over at Schoodic yesterday, we spotted this flock of Common Mergansers gliding through the water alongside the Schoodic Loop Road. Between the great wildlife and the friendly Obama-Biden supporters who stop to chat with us because they see our buttons or bumper stickers, we’re meeting all sorts of interesting folks on this trip!


dancingmorgan mouse said...

I love the deer, they are the prettiest of all the ruminants. My mum has had to put up a huge fence though, at her new(ish) place, to stop the deer wandering in and eating all her flowers & the veg! (I suspect I'd plant stuff especially for them)

Pink Granite said...

Hi DMM -
I too am quite fond of deer.
Because we live in such a rural area, the deer are hardly interested in what we have growing near the house. They have such natural riches in the woods and fields that we rarely see them, except as they are passing through.

And I have no doubt that you would be planting lovely garden treats just for the dear deer!
- Lee