Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Squished - Again

Yup. Mammogram time. I went (again). I did it. I’m glad I did. It wasn’t fun, but it wasn’t dreadful. I had my first mammogram at 40; then once every two years after that. Having turned 50, this is now an annual event for me.

Funny, none of my 50th birthday cards mentioned that little tidbit of information!


dancingmorgan mouse said...

oooh, I trust it wasn't too horribly painful. I suspect I'd scream and scream - not being very good at any sort of pain.

Sue said...

OOooohhh - I dread the day. Not that I've got very much to squash.. Hats off for going anyway!!

Sue x

purpleronnie said...

Well done you! I dread doing this but i really should at some stage.. OUCH!!!

Anonymous said...

I was watching the Oprah episode with Christina Appelgate that was eye opening...I know I will have to be going soon......Carrie

Pink Granite said...

Hi All -
It really, really isn't all that bad!

Every time I go for a mammogram, there are a couple of brief moments where the pressure does morph into pain.

But the technician very gradually lowers the top clear plastic shield onto your breast. So it's not like you voluntarily slide your breast into a mouse trap!

If given a choice between a mammogram and a pelvic ultrasound (I know that's apples and oranges, but bear with me), I would choose the mammogram. Why? Having to drink lots of water and hold it while an ultrasound technician rubs and presses the transducer gizmo on your belly makes me crazy! The fear of having an accident and flooding the ultrasound room coupled with the discomfort is much worse than a mammogram!!!

O.K. That's probably TMI, but I wanted to set the record straight!
- Lee
P.S. I'd also choose a mammogram over having a tooth drilled and filled - yes even with Novocaine!

barbie2be said...

good for you! while i am not due for my annual squishing until after january 5th as my gyn pointed out to me yesterday, i did to the icky part of taking vare of the female parts yesterday.

happy breast cancer awareness month!

Pink Granite said...

Hi B2B -
When I called last spring to make my appointment, I was surprised how many months I had to wait for a regular appointment. I had no idea I was going in for my mammogram on the first day of Breast Cancer Awareness Month!
- Lee